Monday, December 19, 2011


JAN 11- oakland 1234go! records w STILL SUIT, MEAT SWAP
JAN 13- san diego tower bar w CHRISTMAS ISLAND, STALINS OF SOUND
JAN 14- day show fullerton burger records 4pm w GLITTER WIZARD, PLANT TRIBE
JAN 14- costa mesa detroit bar w BLEACHED, the 321s

we have new record "I WAS 30 IN 2012" LP from volar records
plus "I SAW U" 7" from 1234go! records, "PALMWINE RUMPUS VOL. 2" LP from 24/7 industries.
available soon: "WHYTE RASH TIME"LP from deadbeat records

we journey north in february. we travel to the east in april. we finish in november.

Monday, October 24, 2011


from "I WAS 30 IN 2012" upcoming LP on volar records.

nov 17- thrillhouse records sf w UH OH milwilly, BOOM BOOM KID argentina, TENDER BUTTONS 7pm, bring donations
nov 18- 3137 telegraph w GGREEN sac, SPACE TIME, MEAT SWAP, GAZE
dec 9- 2371 21st ave sf nugget house w TRMRS oc, DATE CREPE
dec 10 sugar mtn TWIN STEPS record release, TRMRS, YI
dec 17 1234go! record store oakland "I WAS 30 IN 2012" LP RECORD RELEASE w LENZ, HIGH CASTLE
jan 11- oak
jan 12-sacto
jan 13- sd
jan 14- la

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


DRAINING THE SWAMP cdr 24/7 industries now available
I WAS 30 IN 2012- LP volar records available december 17
PALMWINE RUMPUS Vol 2- LP 24/7 industries still available
WHYTE RASH TIME-LP tba available at some time

upcoming performances
oct 13 lobot gallery 1800 campbell, oakland- as THE UNDERTONES, SHANNON and The CLAMS as CCR, YOUNGER LOVERS as The GO-GOs, PRIMARY COLORS/SUN PRAIRIE as SIOUXSIE and The BANSHEES, DJ YEAH RIGHT, art by m. nordile, pre halloween dance bash a thon


oct 21- lobot gallery oakland- improvised score to dance piece by BRONTEZ (younger lovers, gravy train!!!!)

oct 22 - daryll manor 1006 7th ave oakland FAMILY MATTERS (last show), PINK FILMS

nov 17 - thrillhouse records sf w UH-OH, others

nov 18- 3137 telegraph oakland w GGREEN, MEAT SWAP, GAZE, SPACE TIME

dec 9- engine works sf w TRMRS

dec 10- sugar mtn oakland w TRMRS, TWIN STEPS

dec 17- 1234GO! records oakland w HIGH CASTLE, others tba
LP RELEASE SHOW for "I WAS 30 IN 2012"

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

* from "ORGAZM ADDICT" 1 available sept 29

the second line line 2 rings its the litllest rtrashmans line theres 3 lines mnordile, the littlest trashman and sweettooths line but only the littlest trashman ever calls me and its only if its a big deal so im all like holy moley and i answer and he says im walking you to the big mans office yep up to the reverends place and so im totally feeling a little spritually constipated and i know the rev is gonna sense it and the littlest trashman is at my cubicle in no time and he says like lets go his mustache is more than a little silly but i follow becaus ewhat else can i do ya know up we go to the sacristy the big office to see bingman and im quaking he'll know he'll know but theres no y=time and di clutch at my feeble note like starvation so the littlest trashman snickers and yeah its rel funny to him in the private elevator up to another private elevator down cuz his office is in the basement and oh boy the basement i dread ground floors past the ground floor pretty far below the tower of uzi rash industries incorporated and out the elevator and what the fuck me and the littlest trashman are outside, the doors slide shut behind me and the waves splash at my feet as i hear the far off and out tinkling of takeshi terauchi and the palms sway in the breez eexcept for a weird small zodiac boat with sweettooth at the helm and the littlest trashman says pay the man so i do in rash buck$ and we are ferried off to a catamaran office (whaaaa? you KNOW what i mean) and theres thye rev sitting ugly on some weird net thing my boat he sez and he needs a shave real bad and hes got a filthy aloha shirt on and filthy cut off dungarees and the ugly catamaran floats idly stillly in the blue green no teal no green blue water various fish and turtles and shit circle the thing and we 4 stand ther for a few shakes and then rev sez take a seat and take a seat and he sayeth lets changwe this thing thee olde switcheroo and no more mono lake, lets take thins groovy thing all the way to lemuria lets go way way back no more bugs no more tufa no more brine shrimp lets get tropicale and im like what you talking about hes all EASTER FUCKING ISLAND and i can see the glint of dollar sign s in his eyes charging an arm and a leg for admission better than california but i just secured the permits for mono and im feeling a little slighted i been planning this for a long time working real hard and now hes changing it and to top it all off the rev is like you need to get yr ya yas out yr a little backed up filthy pipes practice that mantra and hes like make i so now get out and me and the littlest trashman and sweettooth and me hop off the catamaran and into the zodiac and back to the beach and the elevator doors appear from nowhere in the jungle and tooth and trash bid each other an ai shub-nigguroth and were back in the elevator the littlest trashman smirks under that mustache of his and ive got sand in my shoes the rest of the dya grit betwixt me toes as i try to book the uzi rash group bands last show november 27 2012 on fucking easter island what a headache! gotta find that mrr with hthe rapa nui scene report i guess now

Thursday, August 25, 2011


aug 26th thee parkside sf TOTAL TRASH w the shrouds, outdoorsmen, traditional fools

aug 30 elis oakland w outdoorsmen, the molestations, moto

sept 1 thee parkside sf w king lollipop, buffalo tooth, cool ghouls

sept 8 white horse oakland w cyclops, the whoosie whatsits

sept 16 hemlock sf w fuzzy cloaks, nectarine pie

sept 22 mama buzz w battle stations, another too

sept 29 knock out ORGAZM ADDICT release show, w alexis penney blair

some soon stuff:
"i was 30 in 2012" LP from volar records

and halloween: see above

Thursday, June 23, 2011

2 interviews:more information

july 6- sugar mtn oakland w leaders, guitar magazine
july 9- hemlock sf w leaders, slam dunk, midnite snaxx

july 22- 1234go! 10year anniversary w nobunny, unnatural helpers, more
july 23-bad pad fullerton w unnnatural helpers, ty segall, audacity
july 24- eleven bar SD w unnnatural helpers, death sex
july 25- dark horse saloon, la w unnnatural helpers, the zig zags
july 26- redwood, la w unnnatural helpers
july 27- kellys place bakersfield w unnnatural helpers, processors
july 28- the hemlock sf w unnnatural helpers, eat skull, streeteaters
july 29- davis charred dog house w unnnatural helpers, anal mucus
aug 4- sugar mtn oakland w ggreen, grass widow, broken water
aug 26- total trash thee parkside sf w the shrouds, culture kids, traditional fools
by barker gee

the Most Reverend Stanley J. Bingman is the inspirational,
charismatic, and mysterious leader (?) for Oakland, CA's (favorite?)
slop-pop outfit, (the) UZI RASH (BAND GROUP? OOZEY WRASCH? U$i RAZH?).
The band is set to open the
string of events for the 1234go Records 10th Anniversary (party?). you can
catch their set at the Oakland Metropolitan Operahouse on Friday July 22nd @
8. Bring a strong stomach and don't be late!

1) So0O0o00oo, How would you describe your band to those who have yet to
experience the Rash? Do you have a mission statement? Should (we) be

-backwards beach party/ universal trowel/ seersucker enthusiasts/ a
surprisingly robust civil society:
In men whom men condemn as ill
I find so much of goodness still.
In men whom men pronounce divine
I find so much of sin and blot
I do not dare to draw a line
Between the two, where God has not.

-mission statement: Resacralization of the world versus materialism.
Natural social hierarchy versus an artificial hierarchy based on wealth.
The tribal community versus the nation-state.
Stewardship of the earth versus the "maximization of resources."
A harmonious relationship between men and women versus the "war
between the sexes."
Handicraft and artisanship versus industrial mass-production.

-we can choose fear or we can choose love WE CHOOSE LOVE. CHOOSE LOVE
WITH US. Take our hand, friend!

2)UR is known for having some pretty weird, intense performances chocked
full of (zany) antics and (crazy) sounds. There seems to be no shortage of
weirdness or band members. (Can you put a number on how many folks have been
in UR?) Do you have anything up your sleeve for your show on Friday July
22nd at the Metro? Are you ready to get weird?

-our numbers are legion. i personally cant count: i know only the
number 1 (one) and many (lots). our numbers come and go seasonally,
like old saint nick of easter island.

-just our usual blend of dionysian impulses balanced perfectly with
our palate cleansing, soul searing reverence for "performance".

3) What are your future plans including tours, releases, 2012,

- "palmwine rumpus vol2" LP now available.
"i was 30 in 2012" LP on volar records sept 2011
"whyte rash time" album to be recorded july 2011
"the navel of the world- south pacific songs and stories" album to be
recorded fall 2011

-on tour of southern ca july 22- 29 with unnatural helpers.

4) The 1234 go records Anniversary shows have historically had some great
line-ups. Who are you excited to see this year? Any bands that for some
reason or another are not playing that you would have loved to see?

-Don Van Vliet would have been a dee lite full surprise

5) What do you love about the East Bay (why are you here)? Do you have any
recommendations for those out-of-towners that find some extra time to kill
while visiting for the weekend (e.g., shops, eats, treats, brothels, other
attractions, etc…)?

The Hights, the Oakland home Miller built at the end of his life, is
currently known as the Joaquin Miller House and is part of Joaquin
Miller Park. He planted the surrounding trees and he personally built,
on the eminence to the north, his own funeral pyre and monuments
dedicated to Moses, General John C. Frémont, and the poets Robert
Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
by andre torres

-Did you start the band? When? Are you from Oakland? How do you
describe the band’s sound? What are people labeling you as?
The band started itself, but by my filthy paws, much int he way any
durn thing gets isself goin, forward inertia, gravity, itchin
scratchin, caterwaulin, doing the basement boogie on a slime tiled
Seattle carpet. BY that time, the stRT I DO MEAN, the band sound was
much more the same of itsselfs than it could possible be now! born
grown! a need for regression, degression, bubbling in a slow stew of
primordial ooze, toxifyin, etc was a necessity for the backwards
beachparty squelch and shimmy. get me? we been called all manner o
things but i never paid em no mind. cant afford it
UZI RASH: 2007- 2012 RIP FYI ETC

-Is there a track listing for Palmwine Rumpus Vol. 2? Does it even
matter? Much of the lyrics on PR 2 are drowned out by instruments,
giving the album a nice murky, lo-fi feel. Do you prefer lyrical
content over overall sound or vice versa?
1. Reverend Stanley J. Bingmans 2,417th Dream/ Scrutinies
2. Sacred Commerce
3. Troutwomen
4. Saurian Notes
5. Serf Rock
6. Toolmaking
it dont really matter none too much. are ya playing the albumm the
rite speed by thee by? its 45 revos per. and the real art shore is
pritteee i assure yee

-Some of your lyrics to me seem self-deprecating. I’m thinking of “I’m
a Trashbag” “Bag of Dirt” and even “Totally Fired Too”. Is that a fair
assessment? In seeing your stage performance it really looks like your
working something out through your performance. Maybe cathartic? Are
you emotional? What’s usually going through your head during a show?

naw naw none o thems songs is of or pertaining to yrs truly. i just
writ em. some times of course, when im pouring over the archives, i
notice a thing er 2 that mayhaps be an unintended TRUTH (its all
true!) but those works are of non intentioned fiction. i only hate
people like i hate myself JUST KIDDING. wes only trying to work
something out, like not 'get right', but like work it on out UH HUH
like a twist n shout up

-What's the band members' names? girl on keys with white wig, guy on
bass with Long John undies, guy with a weird electro-sax looking
instrument (what was that?), girl beating on drum, doing percussion,
Ian and Cody from the Clams joined (what kind of guitar was Cody
playing? It looked really cool)
keys- thee Whyte Bitch
bass- Mateo Luv
electro sax- Bacon Tomato Onion
drum- Ms. Gravander
12 string guitar- The Little Trashman
drums- Yogoman
other guitar YRS TRULLEE

-You guys sort of looked like a (less flashy) Sly and the Family Stone
partly because of the sheer number of people in the band, but also
some of costume involved. Does the evolution of the band and its
changing members keep things fresh? Or is it be like a roommate
situation where it feels like a revolving door of instability?
Stability, much like ability is mighty ovveeerrrrated and we seek to
compensate for the tradishional rock spectical of richual with
monstrous unpredictability even too ourselfs. like A stupidogram, ya
dig? i try not to lissen to my own head so i get all surprised whener
we play a song and whose gonna show up on stage? surprises to all of
us, lets BOOJI!

-When was PR 2 released? How about the 7" with "I Saw U"?
2011 and 20111111111111111111

-With so much coming out all of a sudden, it seems like maybe you’re
sitting on a backlog of material? Is that true? Does the sound of the
upcoming Volar lp release stay true to stuff you’ve already put out?
How is it different?
thee oldedn archives is a trshbag packed brimful with the most
everlovin racket you nevr heard and like as not never will. the furure
is a mystery, the past is history, now is a gift thas why is the
present. YECCH! this new piece is like our most ya know SOPHISTICATED
yet, appalling to lovers of art n cultchure

-Are you excited for the West Coast Tour with Unnatural Helpers? What
do you expect will come of this? How’d you hear of Telephone Callers?
oh them helpers cant help no one not even theyselfs so they ask us,
hey rashies, whip us into to shape and with a grim grin, we comply! no
problemooo, fren rock, dig? those tea callers were born same time as
us, same hospital same mother, different fathers, like shub niggurath.
thousands of us! "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"

-Whyte Rash Time is a nice play on words. Have you been called white
trash? Is that something to aspire to in any way? How long will it
take to record the new album?
uh, WHITE TRASH????? i htought we was in a Safe Space. oh my my. jus
foolin. naw, its a referall to them Monks "black monk time", our scum
buds in Kanzuz citay Whyte Bitch and a rash (!) of albino reptile
sitins bein heralds omans and premonitions of theee coming end tymes.
come take a rashy hand into the future

Monday, June 13, 2011

the summer of UZI RASH: to recognize oneself in the cave mind

june 16- elis oakland w blasted canyons, fine steps
june 19- the new parish oakland w hunx and his punx, shannon and the clams, the terry malts
june 22- mama buzz oakland w partman parthorse, younger lovers
july 6- sugar mtn oakland w leaders, guitar magazine
july 9- hemlock sf w leaders, slam dunk, midnite snaxx
july 22- 1234go! 10year anniversary w nobunny, unnatural helpers, more
july 23-burger recs fullerton w unnnatural helpers
july 24- eleven bar SD w unnnatural helpers, death sex
july 25- drak horse saloon, la w unnnatural helpers, the zig zags
july 26- san pedro w unnnatural helpers
july 27- dylans road house palm springs w unnnatural helpers
july 28- the hemlock sf w unnnatural helpers, eat skull, streeteaters
july 29- davis charred dog house w unnnatural helpers, anal mucus
aug 4- sugar mtn oakland w ggreen, grass widow, broken water
aug 26- total trash thee parkside sf w the shrouds, culture kids, traditional fools

"palmwine rumpus vol2" LP now available.
"i was 30 in 2012" LP on volar records sept 2011
"whyte rash time" album to be recorded july 2011
"the navel of the world- south pacific songs and stories" album to be recorded fall 2011

Saturday, April 30, 2011


THANK YOU everyone who helped us on tour, especially Lisa Mancyny. Despite eing without any of our 3 LPs we had a joyous tyme spreading our message of peace and love throughout thee midwest

coming up
mrr interview next ish. ALL SECRETS REVEALED
EVENTUALLY HAVE LONG PLAYER "palmwine rumpus vol2" w "vol 1" cdr

may 14- thee parkside sf w shannon and the clams, apache
may 16- elis oakland w shannon and the clams, x ray eyeballs
may 21- lobot oakland w ranx/xerox, prison library, nu sensae, no babies
may 30- bruar falls brooklyn w the fish, marvin berry and the new sound
june 3- fardom gallery long island city, ny w colleen green
june 16- elis oakland w blasted canyons, eat skull, fine steps
june 22- tba oakland w partman parthorse
july 6- sugar mtn oakland w leaders
july 9- hemlock sf w leaders
july 22- 1234go! 10year anniversary w nobunny, shannon and the clams, unnatural helpers, more
july 23-burger recs fullerton w unnnatural helpers
july 24- SD w unnnatural helpers
july 25- ? w unnnatural helpers
july 26- san pedro w unnnatural helpers
july 27- dylans road house palm springs w unnnatural helpers
july 28- the hemlock sf w unnnatural helpers
july 29- sacto w unnnatural helpers
aug 4- tba oakland w ggreen, grass widow, broken water
aug 5- hemlock sf w ggreen

we love you (j/k)

Saturday, April 9, 2011


april 10- oakland sugar mtn w TASTEVILLE/ MEERCAZ/ NO BABIES

april 11- costa mesa angelos w CUM STAIN/ FOREVER BABY/ CRAZY BAND

april 12- flagstaff cottage house w CUSTODY BATTLE
april 13- tempe yobs house w FRENCH QUARTER/ NIGHGAUN/ ANDY NUTRITION
and the SHERMS
april 14- las cruces the trainyard
april 15- austin 505 e 45th w CRUDDY, RECIDE, WOMEN IN PRISON

april 16- fort worth pizza haus 1921 hemphill w COLLICK, others
april 17- tulsa yellow brick road w TIP TOP SECRETS
april 18- carbondalelost cross w IT BURNS/ SAFE WORD
april 19- early show chicago 6pm reckless records
april 19- milwaukee doghouse w UH OH/ OFF DAYS
april 20- mpls triple rock w Burger Thirst, Serenghetto, and the Burnaways!
april 21- lawrence replay lounge w MOUTHBREATHERS, others tba
april 22- denver unit b w GOOCHI BOIZ, others tba
april 23- provo the compound
april 24- reno holland project hq w DEAD WAITRESS/ SPITTING IMAGE
april 25- sacto the hub GGREEN/ PISTOL PETE

thank you
please take us swimming

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Friday, February 18, 2011


ive got a book of matches just above the toilet theres a dirty ending here but i dont wanna spoil it gas station hold up methane build up dont pull the trigger son youre gonna get blown up living on a swamp
stringing up the clothesline in between the trees saw a pair of yella eyes starin at me the airs so thick here its purty hard ta breath and from the foggy darkness i thought i heard a scream uh oh living on a swamp
shoes all muddy looking for a buddy thought i found some clothing it was all bedbuggy soaking wet trousers frozen slow browsers dying for a beer but theres none around when im living on a swamp
johnnies in the basement mixing up the medicine james is on the pavement withdrawing from the atm im at work hope i dont get laid off the troutwomans on the phone she wants to get paid off i must be living on a swamp
lily ghosts with white clothes clouding round the window screen ive got grid sight staring out the window scene theres cain and abel nesting at the bar left behind eden they wuz raised in a barn yee haw living on a swamp
one more time boys

friday march 4th, a night of glad tidings!
UZI RASH exhibits art, debuts "I SAW U" 7 inch record on 1234go! and plays a set of music for your pleasure and entertainment

COLLEEN GREEN plays music and sings then goes on tour for a month

food provided

UZI RASH family band- 7:30pm

1234 GO! records 423 40th st oakland ca

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011