Friday, February 18, 2011


ive got a book of matches just above the toilet theres a dirty ending here but i dont wanna spoil it gas station hold up methane build up dont pull the trigger son youre gonna get blown up living on a swamp
stringing up the clothesline in between the trees saw a pair of yella eyes starin at me the airs so thick here its purty hard ta breath and from the foggy darkness i thought i heard a scream uh oh living on a swamp
shoes all muddy looking for a buddy thought i found some clothing it was all bedbuggy soaking wet trousers frozen slow browsers dying for a beer but theres none around when im living on a swamp
johnnies in the basement mixing up the medicine james is on the pavement withdrawing from the atm im at work hope i dont get laid off the troutwomans on the phone she wants to get paid off i must be living on a swamp
lily ghosts with white clothes clouding round the window screen ive got grid sight staring out the window scene theres cain and abel nesting at the bar left behind eden they wuz raised in a barn yee haw living on a swamp
one more time boys

friday march 4th, a night of glad tidings!
UZI RASH exhibits art, debuts "I SAW U" 7 inch record on 1234go! and plays a set of music for your pleasure and entertainment

COLLEEN GREEN plays music and sings then goes on tour for a month

food provided

UZI RASH family band- 7:30pm

1234 GO! records 423 40th st oakland ca

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