Monday, June 13, 2011

the summer of UZI RASH: to recognize oneself in the cave mind

june 16- elis oakland w blasted canyons, fine steps
june 19- the new parish oakland w hunx and his punx, shannon and the clams, the terry malts
june 22- mama buzz oakland w partman parthorse, younger lovers
july 6- sugar mtn oakland w leaders, guitar magazine
july 9- hemlock sf w leaders, slam dunk, midnite snaxx
july 22- 1234go! 10year anniversary w nobunny, unnatural helpers, more
july 23-burger recs fullerton w unnnatural helpers
july 24- eleven bar SD w unnnatural helpers, death sex
july 25- drak horse saloon, la w unnnatural helpers, the zig zags
july 26- san pedro w unnnatural helpers
july 27- dylans road house palm springs w unnnatural helpers
july 28- the hemlock sf w unnnatural helpers, eat skull, streeteaters
july 29- davis charred dog house w unnnatural helpers, anal mucus
aug 4- sugar mtn oakland w ggreen, grass widow, broken water
aug 26- total trash thee parkside sf w the shrouds, culture kids, traditional fools

"palmwine rumpus vol2" LP now available.
"i was 30 in 2012" LP on volar records sept 2011
"whyte rash time" album to be recorded july 2011
"the navel of the world- south pacific songs and stories" album to be recorded fall 2011

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