Saturday, September 18, 2010

excerpt from "How Bluegrass Music Destroyed My LIfe" by John Fahey

" i asked eddie about the origin of the chant. he knew all the answers to all the important questions. even the really hard ones like only the questions that the satmar rabbi was supposed to be able to answer. eddie said all the aryans had chanted since the beginning of time and that great k had taught it to the people of the sligo river valley- uhrheimat. later he taught it to other people who wanted to learn. people, that is. there were lots of impostors around. krell-like beings from other planets who masqueraded as human beings. evil krell-like beings who, if you could really see them the way they were, were green and had scales and were reptilian and had tails and gills and tentacles and stuff like that. and someday when the great k finally came into his entirety, he would rescue us from these evil krell-like beings. he would conjure up a double-whammy and immediately everybody who was really green would look green and not white. then we would have a "program". that's what it was called. it would make all the evil beings go away or die or something."

photography courtesy THEE OWEN COOK

Friday, September 17, 2010

Trashman Through Time was halted in 1986 by a mysterious traveler from the future, known only as 'Stanley'. We know now that he had traveled backward through time & trash from the year 2012 to prevent the completion of Trashman Through Time so that it could be completed 25 years later by the sound music group Uzi Rash, but not as a video game, as conceptual interactive cd rom record album lazerdisk. it would transcend the video game platform into a new medium.

while attempting to return to his own time (2012) to witness the rapture, something 'went rong' with the time device, and Stanley was mistakenly sent to 1981. He was apprehended by authorities and committed to a maximum security mental facility, where the father of New Generation Software programmer Malcolm E. Evans was employed as a mop steward. Having heard the tale of Stanley (the real Trashman Through Time) from his father over a meal of spaghetti and whole milk, he was inspired to create the Trashman trilogy of video games, which would culminate with the release of the final game Trashman Through Time. The entire game series, therefore, becomes an Ontological Paradox, with no ultimate source, or, rather, the impetus for the creation of Trashman was Stanley himself, who had traveled back in time to prevent the completion of the series that he unwittingly inspired BY traveling into the past.

"Having completed the original 'Trashman' you are awarded a Diploma of Trashmanship, which entitles you to go forth and rid the world of trash. This is your mission."

-courtesy of "The Little Trashman"

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I WAS 30 IN 2012

seriously will soon have split cassette w TELEPHONE CALLERS. for now, download here free:
1234go will do a seven inch single.
will we ever have the REAL 'we live on trash'? the world may never know.
'palmwine rumpus vol 2' entering final processes. more info in the future

fri sept 3 weird warehouse san pablo btwn 22 and 23 w KNIFEY SPOONY, COLLEEN GREEN, others
tues sept 7 5points arthouse 72 tehema st sf w NIGHT BEATS, MORCRETO, other?
tues sept 14 hemlock tavern sf w UNSTOPPABLE MACHINES OF DEATH, MIDNITE SNACKS
sun sept 19 sachas house w RAW WAR, STREETEATERS 8pm
wed sept 29 ghosttown gallery punk bus benefit w tba
oct 1 kdvs
oct 12 sugar mtn heathers bday w WAX IDOLS, THE ROYAL BATHS, LENS
oct 24 stork club w MOCCRETRO, LA DANGHA BLOOM, others
oct 31 parkside (as MONKS) w NOBUNNY (as CRAMPS, again), others

more later.

UZI RASH HATES YOU (J/K) we love you