Monday, October 25, 2010


hey there fuck face uh, my name is STANLEY. its beet time, its trash day, its RASH time, its MONK time. we dont like the army. what army? what, me worry? why do you kill all those kids on planet earth? my brothers and sisters are dying on planet earth. mad earthlings.
and JOHN RAMBO, who is he? he didnt draw first blood, you did. stop it. i love it i hate it! its too loud for the ears?
FRANK GEHRY is coming now, we like it, we like it.
but we dont like the atom bomb. stop it, i dont like it i like it.
whats your program COURTNEY?
you think like i think. you gotta rash, i got a rash, man, we ALL got rashes.
CODY STEV0 BENNY COURTNEY lets go its RASH time, its MONK time.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


tues oct 12 sugar mtn LENS, WAX IDOLS, ROYAL BATHS its heathers bday (see below photo)

wed oct 13 locos only w DIRTY CUPCAKES, NOBUNNY

MONKS thurs oct 28th white horse

MONKS sun oct 31 thee parkside

nov 7 oakland copland 2313 san pablo w SPURM (seattle), LENS, TWIN STEPS, SIMON LEBRON

nov 12 oakland willow house 10th and willow w CRUDDY (austin), SLUG LIFE, one more