Tuesday, October 23, 2012


UZI RASH (the mark of Cain) proudly presents
with 1-2-3-4GO! Records (Zero Boys reference)
CORELESS ROLL CAN-LINER (industrial trash bags)

1- CLOGGED DRAINS (proposed new theme song for "Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe"
2- OUT FOR BRUNCH (in which an unlucky  Christian missionary meets an ironic fate at the hands of cannibals indigenous to Papua New Guinea)
3- GOLDEN DAWN (in which one Mr. Aleister Crowley slinks away on a walk of shame from his conquest the morning after Ash Wednesday)
4- FISH HEAD GOD (in which Jesus Christ turns himself into a sea creature to punctuate an amusing and educational parable, but is inadvertently caught by a fisherman. Maybe.)
5- BONGO COUNTY FAIR (in which wild animals of the forest must seek hibernous refuge away from the Dionysian revelry of loud and emboldened moonshiners by leaving the titular Bongo County)
6- UNDER THE WATER (in which a globster remembers his life from before and meets an unfortunate end trying to reconnect with his past)
7- THE MAN WHO BRINGS THE MUD (in which a wandering hobo's offering of nite soil is refused by an amphibious overlord resurrected by his faith in a god who is a figment of his depraved imagination)
8- ULTRASOFT HS BLACK (don't buy oil based ink for screen printing your band's shirts if you don't have an industrial dryer and then take them on tour anyway and they get filthy oily residue everywhere because they aren't dry and then try and wash them when you get home but they really just muddy up the washing and drying machines for clean clothes)
9- W3 (in which a male invalid fantasizes about the return of his lover, a benevolent witch, while she tends to the dying crops of a nearby village)
10- * ("To Be Alone with You" was the first song Dylan recorded for Nashville Skyline, on February 13, 1969. Years after recording the song, Dylan commented that "I was trying to grasp something that would lead me on to where I thought I should be, and it didn't go anywhere.")

M.Nordile- vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Steve0- bass guitar, prepared 12 string guitar, acoustic guitar
BTO- guitar, banjo, electric MIDI saxophone, drums
The Littlest Trashman- prepared 12 string guitar, drums
Mick- drums
Mandy Mullins- vocals
J.T.- recording engineer, producer
Rev. Stanley J. Bingman- remote spiritual guidance
Dan Shaw- video director

Recorded Easter of 2012 at 3/27 Haus, Oakland, CA