Tuesday, September 6, 2011

* from "ORGAZM ADDICT" 1 available sept 29

the second line line 2 rings its the litllest rtrashmans line theres 3 lines mnordile, the littlest trashman and sweettooths line but only the littlest trashman ever calls me and its only if its a big deal so im all like holy moley and i answer and he says im walking you to the big mans office yep up to the reverends place and so im totally feeling a little spritually constipated and i know the rev is gonna sense it and the littlest trashman is at my cubicle in no time and he says like lets go his mustache is more than a little silly but i follow becaus ewhat else can i do ya know up we go to the sacristy the big office to see bingman and im quaking he'll know he'll know but theres no y=time and di clutch at my feeble note like starvation so the littlest trashman snickers and yeah its rel funny to him in the private elevator up to another private elevator down cuz his office is in the basement and oh boy the basement i dread ground floors past the ground floor pretty far below the tower of uzi rash industries incorporated and out the elevator and what the fuck me and the littlest trashman are outside, the doors slide shut behind me and the waves splash at my feet as i hear the far off and out tinkling of takeshi terauchi and the palms sway in the breez eexcept for a weird small zodiac boat with sweettooth at the helm and the littlest trashman says pay the man so i do in rash buck$ and we are ferried off to a catamaran office (whaaaa? you KNOW what i mean) and theres thye rev sitting ugly on some weird net thing my boat he sez and he needs a shave real bad and hes got a filthy aloha shirt on and filthy cut off dungarees and the ugly catamaran floats idly stillly in the blue green no teal no green blue water various fish and turtles and shit circle the thing and we 4 stand ther for a few shakes and then rev sez take a seat and take a seat and he sayeth lets changwe this thing thee olde switcheroo and no more mono lake, lets take thins groovy thing all the way to lemuria lets go way way back no more bugs no more tufa no more brine shrimp lets get tropicale and im like what you talking about hes all EASTER FUCKING ISLAND and i can see the glint of dollar sign s in his eyes charging an arm and a leg for admission better than california but i just secured the permits for mono and im feeling a little slighted i been planning this for a long time working real hard and now hes changing it and to top it all off the rev is like you need to get yr ya yas out yr a little backed up filthy pipes practice that mantra and hes like make i so now get out and me and the littlest trashman and sweettooth and me hop off the catamaran and into the zodiac and back to the beach and the elevator doors appear from nowhere in the jungle and tooth and trash bid each other an ai shub-nigguroth and were back in the elevator the littlest trashman smirks under that mustache of his and ive got sand in my shoes the rest of the dya grit betwixt me toes as i try to book the uzi rash group bands last show november 27 2012 on fucking easter island what a headache! gotta find that mrr with hthe rapa nui scene report i guess now

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