Tuesday, November 27, 2012


THANK YOU: everyone who has bought a record, set up a show, put us up, and attended a performance.


PLAYERS: Erin Allen, Thomas Alvarez, Ian Amberson, Cody Blanchard, Cancifis, Courtney Castleman, Justin Champlin, Nato Coles, Owen Cook, Dylan Craver, Mick Crosby, Matt Corona, Ian Dugas, Andrew Henderson, Andy Human, Hunchback Craig, Matt Galbreth, Dani Golomb, Laura Gravander, Johnnie Heinz, Ben Heykes, Mike Hunchback, Liz Liles, James Luster, Matthew Melton, Mandy Mullins, Steve Oriolo, Lauren Orso, Alese Osborn, Nate Penn, Brontez Purnell, Eric Randall, Patrick Shaw, Shannon Shaw, Andrew Sullivan, Sweet Tooth, Micah Warren, Erin Williams,  Danny Zajakowski

AUDIO: Cody Blanchard, Jackson Blumgart, Justin Champlin, Owen Cook, Andy Human, the Hunchbacks (Mike and Craig), Jason Testasecca

VISUAL: Owen Cook, Dan Shaw (Barfsnake Films)

DISTRIBUTION: 1234GO! Records (Steve Stevenson), Burger Records (Sean and Lee), the Church and Commune (James Luster), Dead Beat Records (Tom), Freedom School Records (Mike Hunchback),  GGNZLA (T.V. Coahran), Jerkwave Records (Dead Luke), Party Ngg Records (Auchie Semos aka Josh Patrick Quinn aka JPQ [do not work with this person]), Pleasant Screams (Hans White), Volar Records (Craig Oliver)

TRANSPORTATION: Cody Blanchard, Courtney Castleman, Owen Cook, Mick Crosby, Lisa Mancini, Steve Oriolo, Allie Hanlan

WISDOM, SUPPORT, and INSPIRATION: Nate Bedortha, Justin Champlin, Lew Houston, Lisa Mancini, Shannon Shaw

SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE: Rev. Stanley J. Bingman

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