Sunday, December 26, 2010


WHAT, US WORMY? upcoming 2011
jan 10th- ghosttown gallery w THE BABIES, TENEMENT, HUFF STUFF MAGAZINE
sometime in jan? or feb? tba, anyway PALMWINE RUMPUS vol 1 and 2 CD and LP (respectively) release by PARTY NGG! and a special show. also NO MONEY NO PROBLEMS cdr
jan 31- arcata w KNIFEY SPOONY
feb 1- eugene w KNIFEY SPOONY
feb 2- seattle black lodge w UNNATURAL HELPERS, KNIFEY SPOONY
feb 5- tba slabtown bender
feb 10? a thing?
mar 4- 1234go! records presents UZI RASH 4th ANNUAL ARTS SHOW plus 7inch release shindig! featuring COLLEEN GREEN
thheee ffuuttuurrreeetba- I WAS 30 IN 2012 LP recorded by andy human.
NOTHING, WITE RASH THYME, 4 way split w??? well, maybe. repress of WE LIVE ON TRASH? split w MIKE HUNCHBACK? who can say? a video w JACQUELINE? ok, lets not get carried away! an MRR interview by mr indigenous nudity himself, LEW HOUSTON?!???

"If you don't see the fnord it can't eat you, don't see the fnord, don't see the fnord..."

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