Saturday, September 18, 2010

excerpt from "How Bluegrass Music Destroyed My LIfe" by John Fahey

" i asked eddie about the origin of the chant. he knew all the answers to all the important questions. even the really hard ones like only the questions that the satmar rabbi was supposed to be able to answer. eddie said all the aryans had chanted since the beginning of time and that great k had taught it to the people of the sligo river valley- uhrheimat. later he taught it to other people who wanted to learn. people, that is. there were lots of impostors around. krell-like beings from other planets who masqueraded as human beings. evil krell-like beings who, if you could really see them the way they were, were green and had scales and were reptilian and had tails and gills and tentacles and stuff like that. and someday when the great k finally came into his entirety, he would rescue us from these evil krell-like beings. he would conjure up a double-whammy and immediately everybody who was really green would look green and not white. then we would have a "program". that's what it was called. it would make all the evil beings go away or die or something."

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