Saturday, May 15, 2010


I awoke with a start, in a makeshift bed of palm fronds on the cold dirt floor of a yurt or whatever

June 4- san francisco ca at the hemlock with SCREAMING FEMALES (nj), WINTER OX, more
June 11- big sur ca at the maiden pub with HOBOCOP, THE MYSTERY LIGHTS

June 18- oakland ca at sugar mountain 2515 san pablo with HERE COMES A BIG BLACK CLOUD (pdx), MECHANICAL THINGS, WINTER OX
June 24- sacramento ca at the hub with SHEARING PINX (canada), NU SENSAE (canada), SHANNON and the CLAMS, GUANTANAMO BAYWATCH (pdx)

June 25- oakland ca at the full house house (their last show ever) with COLLEEN GREEN (la), PSYCHIC FELINE (pdx), BROKEN SPELLS (provo), more

July 2- oakland ca at tbd UZI RASH THIRD ANNUAL CULTURE EVENT and RECORD RELEASE with GGREEN (sacto), SHANNON and the CLAMS, BAD SPORTS (denton)
. We will gather in joyous celebration of the release of the second UZI RASH long playing record, We Live on Trash (freedom school records).
July 17- oakland ca at melton manor 3127 telegraph with BURNING YELLOWS (pdx), more

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